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About Me

Bumblee’s Preserves are made by me in my Somerset kitchen, not a factory. Using as much home grown and locally sourced produce as possible.

Every one of my preserves is produced the traditional way, small batches in a maslin pan;  ensuring that the finished item is full of flavour and lots of love.

Using recipes handed down the generations as well as introducing some new ones for this generation too; providing some modern twists for you to enjoy alongside the traditional ones.

Registered with local Trading Standards & Environmental Health Inspected with a 5 Rating.

Complementing the traditional Jams, Chutneys & other preserves I also produce a range of chilli products with my husband as The Chillees. Some aren’t for the fainthearted, nevertheless the aim is to enhance the flavours of the chillies as well as their heat.

Thanks for visiting my site and I hope to meet you soon x

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